Cameras Page

Access your cameras from the Cameras homepage. You’ll see a summary of all your cameras recent activity in a graphical format, along with a count of the number of recent events.

Mobile Timeline

Interact with your cloud storage using the Timeline. Now you can use the touchscreen to move the timeline to any point in time, find you recorded media, and play it back. All your video clips and images play back using a continuous playback, just like on the web. You can toggle between recorded media and live video with one touch. You can also double tap on the Timeline to jump straight to the active video in the media player.


Add Cameras

Add any IP camera to your account from your mobile app, similar to the web-based Add Camera Wizard. Once the camera is added, you are jumped immediately to its timeline so you can watch live video, edit settings, or begin capturing media in the cloud.  The one exception are webcams — that camera type needs to be added and activated from the web only.

Change Account Settings and More

Edit alert emails, timezone, email preferences — all available from your mobile device. Anything you can do on the web can be done on your mobile device.

Low Bandwidth message

Under certain conditions you might get a Low Bandwidth message:

The purpose of the Low Bandwidth message is to inform you when we are having trouble connecting to the camera due to bandwidth constraints. If either your mobile device or the camera itself is experiencing lower bandwidth (bitrate) than the recommended settings, then the message will appear until either the bitrate of the causing device is back up to the recommended setting or you dismiss the banner manually.

The "?" button provides you with more information on how to help remedy the problem. One solution would be to lower the camera's quality in order to consume less bandwidth. 
The "X" button dismisses the banner while the user is in the timeline view.
For more information regarding bitrate requirements, please refer to the following article.

Note: The mobile app is compatible with Android 4.1 and up, and iOS 8.0 and up.