Business Plan users can leverage the ability to interact with their cameras onboard SD Card for supported camera models. 

Select the camera with an SD card installed from your camera list and select the dropdown arrow. Select "Edge Storage" from the list.

Redundant Storage: Mount the SD Card, make sure it is in the proper format and select a recording mode (Motion or Continuous, note that Motion is strongly recommend for card longevity). Some camera models will also allow you to select a resolution that can differ from your cloud storage. If the option to select a resolution for the SD card isn't available in our interface it can still be changed in the camera's own interface if the camera model allows for a different resolution on the SD card than the main stream.

Disk Status:

Needs Formatting - when formatted in unsupported format.

Ready - SD card is mounted and ready to use. A usage indicator will show you the amount of available storage space on your card. 

No Disk - the disk may be inserted incorrectly or not at all

Unmount/Mount: if you would like to unmount the SD card, select this option. The button should change to "Mount" and the Disk Status will change to "Unmounted". Select Mount againt to ready your disk for capturing motion events.

Format Disk: select the "Format Disk" button to change the disk file system. This will erase any current recordings. Note it's absolutely necessary to format the SD card especially if it was used for something different. Every camera model has their own format.

Edge Storage Events: Setting to ON will allow all the events to be uploaded to the SD Card and the Cloud concurrently. 

Quality: If your camera supports it, you can specify a different qualtiy value for the SD card events.

Record Mode: If your camera supports it, you can either capture Continous Recording or Motion detection events only. Note that Advanced Edge Analytics (such as tampering, face detection, etc.) are NOT supported for SD cards.


Camera Model Support


  • Full support.


  • Plug and Play (X-series):
    • Full Support.
  • Port Forward:
    • Does not support SD playback. You can only see events in the timeline but to play them you need to get them from the SD card itself.


  • Confguration of events to the SD but you cannot list them on the timeline. You need to go to your device.


  • Does not support SD playback. You can only see events in the timeline but to play them you need to get them from the SD itself.


  • Support coming soon to select models!


  • Support coming soon!


  • Current Hanwha firmware versions have some limitations in their handling of Daylight Savings Time (DST) and edge storage media. If you are configuring a Hanwha camera with a cloud account set to DST and wish to save media on an SD card, it will not work. The cloud account MUST be set to the following timezone to avoid this problem:
    Central Time (US & Canada), America/Regina
  • Playback from SD on Hanwha Techwin cameras can take several minutes for a clip to load. This is due to the large file size of video clips getting sent directly from the camera to your computer in real time