On all cameras where our service is sending configuration commands directly to the device, we offer the option to use an encrypted HTTPS communication channel. This feature will enhance the privacy of the communications between your device and our servers. It is highly recommended you enable this option when setting up your camera.

Here a few things you need to know.

  • This feature is available for Axis, Foscam, Hikvision, Vivotek, Hanwha and Sony cameras.
  • This option is enabled by default when you first add the camera, next to the HTTP port field.
  • This option is available in "Auto Setup" mode since this is the only mode when we are sending configuration commands directly to the camera.
  • You can always edit the camera and enable HTTPS after initial setup.
  • When this option is enabled, you must provide the camera's HTTPS port not the HTTP port. This will require checking what port your camera has assigned for HTTPS.
  • You also need to port forward the correct HTTPS port.
  • The type of encryption used is either TLS or SSL, depending on the specific camera model.
The screenshot below is from the Add Camera Wizard and is where you enable or disable HTTPS.