Included when you use a Hanwha Techwin Direct to Cloud camera is the ability to upgrade your firmware and cloud app directly from your mobile device. This allows for added security features and cloud functionality. Below is a step by step guide to update your compatible cameras.


1. Select Add Camera

2. Select "Hanwha Techwin", Scroll Down and Select "Camera Scan"

3. You will see a loading screen.

4. After a few moments your cameras should populate in a list as shown below.

5. Enter your camera's password after selecting the camera. If you select "Retry all failed cameras" you will then be able to select any camera with the same password.

6. You will see the preview of the camera and if it has an update available you will see it under the image.

7. Select "Add selected cameras" after you have selected the cameras that you wish to upgrade. After about 5 minutes you should see "Upgrade Success". Your camera is now upgraded to the latest software! If there are any added configuration features you will be able to access them from the cog to the right of the MAC.

7.  Settings shown below are only configurable through this menu on a local network.

8. Remotely Configurable features are available on the web or through your mobile app through the button shown below. Features can be added to this menu periodically when the camera gets updated as well.