In general support exists for the latest browsers and includes:

  • Chrome (recommended)
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari

One thing to keep in mind is what type of player you'll use to view your video events and live view.

When you log into your account you may not notice but you could be presented with one of two different video players.

  1. Flash player
  2. HTML5 player

By default we use the Flash player where we can. If you have Flash installed and enabled then it's the most optimal experience. Flash has real time streaming (less lag) and a number of other features such as player controls and audio that is lacking in HTML5.

Because we all know that Flash is slowly going away in the web world we have HTML5 as the fallback player. We will detect if Flash is disabled and immediately load the HTML5 player.

Until HTML5 completely catches up, we recommend enabling Flash.

To enable Flash varies per browser. Consult the browser documentation on instructions. As an example a very quick process for Chrome (assuming Flash is already installed) is to click on the secure lock to bring up the flash menu.

Select Flash and change to "Always allow on this site". That will force Flash to always load.

To check if Flash is working, just right click on the live view (after it's loaded) and you should see the Flash settings available.

Note: For MJPEG cameras the only option is to use the Flash player, otherwise you will get a message that the "Live view is not supported" message.