Accessing Event Explorer

Event Explorer is a different way to look at your events where the Timeline is used to get a live view of your camera and map out the frequency of events right on a timeline. Event Explorer should be used for video review and quick filtering. It can be accessed from the "Event Explorer" tab at the top right:

Default View

When you first open Event explorer you will be given a default view showing all your cameras and recent events. There are many options to really customize it to your needs, here is a general overview of all the options.

You can simply sort newest to oldest or oldest to newest based on the time period you selected:







Alternatively you can create a custom view which we will go over in the next section.

Creating a Custom View

Select the "Create View" option at the top of the Event Explorer page:




Now you will be able to set up your filters for this view, including the cameras/groups you'd like to be present and if you have Cloud AI you can set up some additional filters to get exactly the types of events you are looking for:

Once you save the view you can select it from the panel at the top right, and now you will be be able to filter when you exactly want to see these events for the selected cameras:

Reviewing The Events

Once you have found an event you think may be helpful, you can start by hovering over it to get a preview of the event in the multi-view window:

Once you've found the event you want to review, click on it to get the pop-out video player. You will have the option to fast forward up to 16x, as well as to continue to play the footage past the event (it will keep playing from exactly the moment the event ended):

You can skip to the next or previous events with the following buttons at the bottom of the video player:

Downloading Events

In the Event Explorer you are able to direct download the event as a MP4 file to your local storage by clicking the download event button in the multi-view or playback view:


If you also have Cloud AI enabled you can download the Cloud AI detected image:

This will provide you an image of the cloud AI detected person or object within that clip: