When creating an account password there are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Through pattern matching and conservative estimation, it recognizes and weighs 30k common passwords, common names and surnames according to US census data, popular English words from Wikipedia, US television and movies, and other common patterns like dates, repeats (aaa), sequences (abcd, 123), keyboard patterns (qwertyuiop), and l33t speak.

2. Identifies the most common weak passwords (P@ssword1).

3. If the password contains chunks of strings that appear in the account information that we are submitting with the password checker (email, username, domain, etc.), then the password will be given a low score. Most people have recognizable dictionary terms in their passwords. That won't help. The general rule of thumb is that such a password will likely have a low score unless you use special characters, mix of uppercase and lowercase and avoid dictionary words.

4. If you see a rating of "Average" you are ok to proceed with this password.

Of course we would always recommend you target a strong password.